Every performance is elevated with a unique and natural blend of lead vocals weaving between resonating harmonies and engaging showmanship that embraces audiences in a memorable experience, time after time.


"Voysis" is a co-creation of Cyndi Richards, Karolina Ingleton and Stella Rezgo.  As business professionals, producers, actors, singers, songwriters each has worked on various artistic endeavors providing lead and background vocals on recorded media and live venues.  Together they have extensive experience on both sides of the microphone... in business and performance.

Voysis performs a wide spectrum of concerts and designs musical performances that best reflect:

  • venue
  • audience demographic
  • show duration
  • music selection


​Please connect with Voysis at: contact@voysistrio.com  

Voysis creates a show specifically designed for their audience.  

A Musical Blend Of Three Unique